Every year, Peoples Church gives a financial Christmas gift to our local and global partners that we support, including their dependent children.

These gifts are made possible by "Special Giving" during the month of October.


Thank You!

our global and local partners

Below are our current local and global partners that we support.

  • East Asia

    Bob & Debbie Clark

    Ethnos 360

    Translating the Bible and training translators.

  • India

    George Verghese

    New Delhi, India—AMG International

    Teaching & conference ministry, preaching, and counseling.

  • Ireland

    Dan & Mireille (Sherry) Murphy

    Killarney, Ireland—Biblical Ministries Worldwide

    Starting churches in Ireland.

  • ecuador

    Juan Carlos & Susanna Sanchez

    Quito, Ecuador—BEMA

    Starting new churches in the city & the jungle, AWANA ministries.

  • Bolivia

    Matias & Mery Mojica (Brooks)

    Santa Cruz, Bolivia—BEMA

    Starting new churches, mentoring local pastors, AWANA ministries, overseeing & teaching in a Bible school.

  • Bolivia

    Daniel & Amparito Brooks

    Santa Cruz, Bolivia—Baptist Ev. Missionary Assoc.(BEMA)

    Starting new churches, mentoring local pastors, AWANA ministries in the local churches.

  • jackson, michigan

    Brian & Sherry Jenks

    Jackson, MI—AWANA

    Overseeing AWANA programs & training leaders in Michigan churches.

  • pinckney, michigan

    Duane Cuthbertson

    Pinckney, MI—Growing Together Ministries

    Counseling and teaching about marriage and family.

  • ann arbor, michigan

    John Allen

    Ann Arbor, MI—Reliant Ministries

    Church planting at Eastern Michigan University.