A faith promise pledge is a one-year commitment of a specific amount to the Mission Fund at Peoples Church. Each year our Missions budget is determined by these pledges submitted during February. These funds support our missionaries.

Grab a pledge card during the month of February, cards are due by March 4.

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outreach: Local & global

At Peoples Church we work hard at making our community a better place to live. We encourage our people to get out and serve where there are needs in our community. We provide regular opportunities to make a difference in the lives of people right here in the Pinckney/Hamburg/Gregory area. We also send teams of people to areas of need both here in America and throughout the world.

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literacy for chad

A local member of our Peoples Church Family, Claire Hossack, travels yearly to Chad, Africa teaching pastors and teachers how to teach others to read and write. These leaders are then fully equipped to teach adults and children in their own communities. What is even more exciting is the content of the literacy materials includes biblical vocabulary and Bible stories. Not only are they learning to read and write in their own language, but they are also learning about God and His word! Here is more of the story:  In Chad, there are more than 120 languages. Several years ago, Bible International (BI) selected 7 ethnic groups to work with. Missionaries worked with the local people to develop written materials to be used in teaching people how to read and write. 

Step One: A basic primer in each language - designed to teach basic reading and writing skills to beginning readers with drawing and most commonly used letters in each language.

Step Two: Post primer materials - designed to assist new readers in further developing fluency include four story books that cover major stories of the Old Testament. The first one has simple sentences with reading level difficulty increasing as the student goes through the books. Students progress from leaning to read to reading to learn!

Challenge: Funds are limited to print the Basic Primers and the Old Testament Story Books. Without the primers there can be no training. To keep costs down, the materials are printed in Chad, but a minimum of $1000 is needed to print and re-print materials. 

Cost: $1.50 to print 1 Basic Primer, $2 to print 1 OT Story Book.   

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Claire is currently in Chad training leaders in literacy. Visit her   page Literacy for Chad

Global outreach

The purpose of the Missions Team is to raise and support believers called by God to build relationships to those outside of our local community and draw them to faith and full maturity in Christ. Each year our Missions budget is determined by Faith Promise Pledges. A Faith Promise Pledge is a one-year commitment of a specific amount to the Lord's work, arrived at through prayer and reliance on faith that the Lord will provide for that commitment.

Missions Team activities:

  • Yearly Faith Promise Pledge Drive -- CLICK HERE TO GIVE TO MISSIONS
  • Praying for Missions
  • Short-term Missions Trips
  • Mexico 2014
  • Sandy 2013
  • Guatemala 2009
  • India 2007
  • New Orleans
  • Katrina Relief 2005 & 2006
  • Bolivia 2004
  • Ireland 2002