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Our overall mission is to create a positive workout experience where everyone belongs. We welcome people of all shapes, sizes, fitness levels and backgrounds. We believe the heart is both a muscle and a soul. We are intentional about building community and positive messaging. The impact of this targeted approach creates a deeper sense of connection, self-worth and lasting change. We utilize this approach in all of the following formats:

REFIT® = High Intensity - Low to High Impact (45-60 min)

This cardio-focused class combines a variety moves with positive music for a challenging, effective, and FUN workout. Be sure to expect a little dance flair! This class is perfect for beginners but will also challenge fitness enthusiasts. Simplistic movements and upbeat music will leave you sweating, smiling, and feeling stronger in body, mind, and soul.

REV + FLOW = High Intensity + Low Impact (45-60 min)

This class dials down the pace and cranks up the intensity by connecting strength, balance, and flexibility. Repetitive movements and empowering rhythms are paired to work your entire body. Expect to gain better mobility and real-world strength and be renewed from the inside out. Bring 1-3 lbs. weights (optional) and an exercise mat.