Dan & Mireille (sherry) Murphy


Dan & Mireille Murphy have a deep connection to Peoples Church. Dan's father was our Senior Pastor many years ago and we have been partnering with Dan & Mireille from the very beginning. Originally spending a season in Belgium, they lived on mission in Ireland for over 20 years. While their focus is on church planning, it is accomplished through discipleship and something they call friendship evangelism. They open their home frequently for hospitality, inviting in those they meet which eventually leads to opportunities for discipleship. Dan's love of photography provides additional opportunities to connect with people while Mireille often teaches English as a second language.

Their church plant in Ireland is now completely guided by local leaders and is doing well. After months of prayerful consideration, Dan & Mirielle recently followed the Lord's prompting to move to Portugal. They will continue their work of church planning by discipling and supporting church leaders. As you can imagine they are busy learning the language and culture while developing new relationships. Over the years, God has shown them the difference between being a true follower of Christ and simply doing nice Christian things. They truly desire to be the Church, not just come
and do church things. When everyone begins to see themselves as "sent ones" and are allowed to use their gift
s and talents you suddenly have a very vibrant Church!