bob & debbie clark

bible translation - south asia

medicine - kenYa

Bob & Debbie Clark are located in Ft. Wayne, Indiana as missionaries with Ethnos 360. Bob serves in Bible translation and Translation Consultation for the Asia Pacific region. Debbie ministers as a Physical Therapist Assistant at Parkview Randallia Hospital in Ft. Wayne. 

Over the past couple of years, Bob has; 

  1. Consulted for six different translation projects, totaling over 6,000 verses of Scripture
  2. Led the Global Partners Translation Committee as they guide translation efforts around the world
  3. Drafted nearly 1,500 more Old Testament verses for the Tugutil translation

Last year they celebrated the printing of the first edition of the Tugutil Bible (New Testament), sending a few hundred copies to our fellow believers in the Tugutil tribe. They plan to have the long awaited Tugutil Bible Dedication ceremony in October! 

After two years of waiting, Bob was recently able to travel to South Asia to complete translation checks for two teams and he took another trip last fall to assist additional teams. 

Over the next year, Bob and Debbie look forward to a mission trip that they will be taking to focus more on Debbies ministry as a Physical Therapist Assistant. They will be going to a remote area of Kenya to serve at a small mission hospital sponsored by World Medical Mission, a ministry of Samaritan’s Purse. Pray for them as they prepare for and embark on this new journey!