NEW Senior Pastor

Introducing Aaron Welch

We are beyond grateful for God's provision of a new Sr. Pastor. Recently, our congregation unanimously voted to invite Aaron Welch to lead us in our mission to "help people discover and thrive in the Hope of Christ - together". Aaron comes to us with over 25 years of experience, most recently as Executive Pastor of Solid Rock Church in Plymouth, MI. Ordained in 1994 and serving in many areas of ministry, Aaron is a humble and authentic servant with a passion for discipleship and helping people connect with God. Aaron, his wife Jenifer, and their family will officially join the Peoples Church family on December 6th. Scroll down to read Aaron's testimony and find out more about him and his family.

We continue to celebrate God's guidance and provision - just as He promised! Please be in prayer over the next few weeks, especially for the Welch family, as they say goodbye to a beloved church family and move to the Pinckney area. We invite you to join us in prayer by signing up for a unique prayer prompt each day, Monday - Friday, via text or email.



Aaron Welch: Salvation Testimony, Christian Experience, and Education


I was born in Hastings, Michigan on August 2, 1970 into a Christian family where my father was a pastor of worship. My father and mother had a great influence on me, teaching me the ways of Christ from the beginning. At an early age I recognized my position before the Lord and understood that I needed to call on Him for my salvation. As with most children, I doubted my salvation, but at the age of 8 I recommitted that decision and gave my life to the Lord and His service.

Throughout high school I had the opportunity to display my Christianity in a variety of ways. I was very active in my church youth group and music program. I also had the opportunity to participate in several short-term missions trips.

By the time I went to college I had come to understand that the Lord wanted me in full time Christian service. I enrolled at Cedarville University where I double-majored in Bible and music. I again had the opportunity to express my faith and serve in several Christian ministries ranging from teaching Sunday School at the Ohio Veteran’s Children’s Home, and leading music in several churches, and participating in two short term mission trips to Eastern Europe.

One of the ministry highlights of my college years came at the conclusion. Upon graduation, I was given the opportunity to go to Romania and be part of a teaching team for the summer. I was personally responsible for teaching a survey course of the Old Testament to national Romanian pastors. I learned a great deal about my faith and the ministry during that time in Romania.

Following my graduation from Cedarville I enrolled at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary and began classes towards a master’s degree in theological studies. It was here that I began working at First Baptist Church of Hastings, Michigan. For six years I served under Pastor Kevin Shorkey being mentored, trained, and developed for local church ministry.

After graduating from seminary, Jen and I were married. We met at Cedarville and this year marks our 26th anniversary. She is a tremendous gift of God to our family and me. While in Hastings Jen and I graduated from Western Michigan University with a Masters in Music.

The Lord has given us four wonderful children: Emily—our artist, Weston—our musician, Treyson—our engineer, and Molly—our singer. The Lord has taken our family on an incredible journey of faith. Through the joys and challenges of ministry he has allowed us to love him more, grow closer as a family, and deepen our dependence and trust in him.

Over the past twenty-five years, I have been involved in various pastoral roles and God has always been faithful. In these last few years the Lord has opened my heart, given me opportunity, and grown my desire for preaching, teaching, and investing in discipleship.

I’m excited about the future, but am also humbled to realize that this is a work truly of God. He has shown us time and time again that he is faithful and will enable his calling, so we anticipate how he will continue to lead. 


Aaron Welch