life groups

A Life Group is typically made up of 10 to 15 people who meet regularly to share their lives, study biblical truths, and lend a helping hand to their friends and neighbors. Groups usually meet in a member’s home, but have been known to migrate to restaurants, coffee shops or even local parks when the weather is right. Below is a listing of groups that are currently looking for new members. Information about each group is included so find one that works for you and email the group leader to verify time and place for their next meeting and join in! For general information about our life groups, contact Paul (Email).

  • richardson life group

    Leaders:  Jay & Tricia Richardson

    Meeting Times & Days:  Sunday after second service Frequency during the month depends on current study and schedules. 2-4 times a month Group Night

    Format:  Usually social time between studies

    Demographics:  Mostly families, but a diverse group. Kids range from infant to high school. Singles and couples without kids or spouse.

    For more information contact the group leader (Email)

  • The sanity club

    Leaders:  Greg & Deb Karpicke

    Meeting Times & Days:  7 pm Friday nights (2 on, one off) Summers off but get together periodically. Sometimes for a road trip. 

    Format:  Snack and fellowship followed by study and prayer time

    Demographics:  Mid to late 50s empty nesters

    For more information contact the group leader (Email)

  • melanson life group

    Leaders:   Randy & Angela Melanson

    Meeting Times & Days:  Tuesday - 6:30-8:00 pm

    Format:  Share a meal, study, prayer, social time

    Demographics:  Multi-generational, young couples with children, empty- nesters (everyone is welcome)

    For more information contact the group leader (Email)