Our vision

From the very beginning, God has been at work at Peoples Church. He started by moving in the hearts of a few families so that the HOPE of Jesus Christ could reach our community – and we have seen this happen. He’s led us to pursue healthy Christian community – and we’ve grown in healthy ways. God is always at work, and He wants to draw more people to Himself. Our vision for the next five to seven years is to hand out the life changing hope of Christ and help people experience His LIMITLESS POWER.

This means we want to see every follower at Peoples become a “Follow Me” disciple. Jesus challenges us to give up the Feed Me mentality for a Follow Me lifestyle. Let’s face it, our consumer culture doesn’t line up with the life Jesus modeled. It’s easy to think that the church exists to serve us. However, we believe we need to be more like Jesus. Then His power CHANGES our lives and the LIVES of those He brings along.

We also want Peoples to become a Missional Movement. That’s a major shift in how we “do church”. Missional means rather than Peoples starting outreach opportunities and inviting you to join, YOU will REACH OUT to others based on their NEEDS. Then Peoples can come alongside you. This allows us to REACH DEEP into the needs of our community, and brings the best help available – the Power of God.

Our campus needs a design that conveys our vision. We want our facility to creatively represent life, vitality, integrity, and most of all the Hope of JESUS CHRIST.


a letter from patrick

God’s love and power knows no limits. God is limitless, yet He invites us to “experience how wide, long, high and deep His love is, and to be filled with the knowledge of His will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding.” (Ephesians 3:18b; Colossians 1:9) We all need that encouragement! At times it’s easy to get pre-occupied, busy with life, and forget that God is at work, breaking into people’s lives with His love, mercy and hope.

“Limitless” is our campaign to move forward with Hope 19, the vision God has given us for the next five to seven years. It involves Phase One of a Three Phase long range building and site plan. Limitless engages strong financial principles that will strengthen our financial foundation and security for future ministry and growth at Peoples. It also encompasses making disciples, having our campus and its design reflect God’s hope, as we improve and add space for children and students. There’s even a café, a real coffee café that has exciting ministry potential as a unique space in our community.

At Peoples we exist to grow the church, one person at a time. We face a huge challenge. We live in a broken world where people are moving further away from God. People choose emotional and personal truth rather than His truth. They sometimes make painful and tragic choices. You may know someone like this. I get involved in different and sometimes difficult situations, as people from our community come to Peoples and ask for help. They often don’t know where else to go. This is God at work opening doors, giving us favor, and allowing us to share His limitless hope with people we might never reach.

Let’s move forward, believing in God’s unlimited power. Faith never settles, but reaches all the way for what can yet be done in Christ. His Kingdom is limitless. The exciting news is that God invites us to partner with Him. I’m ready and I hope you’ll join me in “Limitless!”!



our goals

God has challenged us to imagine a campus that will help us reach our vision. We now have a long-range plan that involves Three Phases. To experience the limitless power of God, a deeper level of commitment is needed from each of us. Let’s follow Him all the way in pursuing two goals for Phase One.

Goal #1 – Establish a financial plan that lays a firm foundation for the next phase in campus development and releases resources to reach and engage the next generation.

A solid financial foundation is the first step to ensuring we can follow God on this journey. We have plans to pay down debt and streamline our financial management process. These steps will reduce our mortgage and increase funds available for ministry. The next generation is creative, compassionate, and wants to make a real difference. We believe we can reach and engage them by implementing a discipleship ministry, (3DM/creative curriculum), supporting Celebrate Recovery, developing a Creative Arts Program, investing in creative Student Ministry Programs, and eventually considering a half time Children’s Director.

Goal #2- Create focused and dynamic spaces that encourage vibrant ministry.

God’s creativity is limitless! We should see that in our campus. We’ve sought help from Elevate Studios to improve the efficiency of how ministry happens and make the most of our spaces. The results are in! They include specific, designed spaces for children, students, and a new Café/Connections Ministry. This will reduce set-up and take down, making ministry easier for us and more intuitive for our guests. A new café space is also a first step to help prepare us for Phase Two. Even now God is moving ahead of us! The unexpected acquisition of nearly four additional acres shows that we need to align our thinking with His plans.

Do you believe we could experience God’s limitless power here in Pinckney? Let’s take this journey with Him and follow Him all the way!


If you would like to give to our Limitless campaign, please click here.